Education in Malawi means Girl Power
Many girls dream of going to college, but one in three Malawian girls become brides before they are 18.  Worldwide pregnancy is the leading cause of death for girls between 15-18 years of age.  It is hard to believe but millions of girls around the world have no say in their future because it is decided for them.

But what if they could dream?  What happens when girls find the courage to imagine a different future for themselves? Many of them have the courage, but if there is no money for school fees, uniforms and books, then what?  And what if school is very far away? If you ask girls in Malawi what they dream of they will tell you. They look up at the clouds and say things like “I want to be a lawyer.”  “I want to be a teacher.”

One brave girl wants to be nurse.  This week, in one village in Malawi, one brave girl will hug her mother, father and siblings goodbye and board a bus for Blantyre.  It is a city five hours away, but a few solid steps closer to becoming a nurse.

I have known her since she was small.  Her father and I played together as children.  When I visited them this spring, I was afraid I might find her married.  After all, she is a grown girl now.  “Ah NO, Auntie!” she said,  “I do not want to be married.  I want to be a nurse.”

Her courage to dream is inspiring.  So, in faith, and with the happy blessing of her parents, I enrolled her in the Joyce Banda School.  Tuition, boarding, bus fares, uniforms and school supplies are expensive.  This is of course not about water, so no Watering Malawi funds can be used for school fees. This is about a girl who dreams of becoming a nurse.

If your family would like to help our family send this family to school, you are invited to help change the future of Malawi, one courageous girl at a time.

You can give online attention ‘Girl Power’ in the comments or email me at with the subject line: Girl Power

No money designated for water will be used for this fund.




Girl Power.
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