community needs“One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Since 2005, Watering Malawi has been working to to improve the lives of Malawian people and communities. Join us and advocate for Malawian health, education and economic development.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is someone who passionately supports, and defends a particular cause. Successful advocacy depends on a network of committed individuals who educate themselves on the issues and empower others to make a difference.

Where do I get started?

A successful advocate is an educated one. It’s important that you learn about the issues, Malawi and our work before you start a movement. Learn more by reading the below resources.


How can I get involved?

There are endless amounts of ways to become a Watering Malawi advocate. Whether you are one person, a church or just a group of passionate people, you can make a a difference. Get inspired by the stories of how other advocates responded to the invitation of Watering Malawi and made a difference.


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